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The Game Didn’t Matter!

With the recent end of the college basketball season, I smiled as I listened to the national sports broadcasters lament that the TV ratings this year were nowhere close to what the ratings had been just last year for the Wisconsin-Duke NCAA championship game.

So let me take you back a moment, and remind you that the ratings were so high a year ago because a Kentucky team came into the NCAA tournament with an unbeaten record — until they played and lost to our Wisconsin Badgers.  And that victory over Kentucky propelled the Badgers, for the second year in a row, into the national championship game.

So, at that time, on the spur of the moment, I turned to all three of my kids — two of them now on their own and harder to get a hold of than a $3 bill — and said:  “So, whadaya think?  Do you all want to go to Indianapolis and see the Badgers play for the title?” — fully expecting that at least one would have an insurmountable problem and that would end that discussion.  But shock of all shockers, they all said yes!

So the Monday of the championship game, we all piled into the SUV and off we drove to Indy, about a five hour drive from Madison.  Now, this is not a spoiler alert to let you know that the Badgers did not win that championship game (and haven’t won a championship since 1941).  But for me, there was a victory — it was all the time I got to spend with my kids in that car as we drove those five hours to Indy and then back home.  Time that I may never have with all of them like that again, as they head out into their own lives.  And time that I enjoyed from beginning to end.  So I hope you understand when I tell you that to me, no matter how the game ended… the game didn’t matter!


Editor’s Note:  Randy Lenz is the broker/owner of the first two NextHome real estate franchises in Wisconsin, with offices in Madison and Verona.  You can reach him at 608-444-1100 or randy@nexthomemetrogroup.com.

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