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Life Insurance & Homeownership

NOTE: Austin Adler is a Financial Services Professional with MassMutual Financial Group, specializing in life and long term disability insurance. Austin takes the confusion out of insurance!  He’s a good friend and someone I respect greatly.  He provides some “must know” info below.  Check it out, then give Austin a call at 608-828-4327 or send him a note at!

—Randy Lenz, Broker/Owner, NextHome Metro Group

By Austin Adler, MassMutual Financial Group

Life insurance and home ownership may seem like they don’t belong on the same plate, but the reality is they go together just like peas and carrots. The truth is, when you go through the processes and commitment of buying a home, life insurance inevitably comes up as part of your asset protection. It’s not surprising for first-time home buyers to not carry any life insurance whatsoever.  “Why do I need life insurance?  If something happens to me I don’t really care what the next day looks like.”  This statement can be frequently heard from first-timers before they settle down to buy a home.

Debt changes everything.

Every year families lose homes when the person who paid the mortgage is no longer around and life insurance is just one way to help make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

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