Mortgage Downpayment

Misconceptions About Mortgage Down Payment and Credit Scores Busted

Confused about what’s actually required to qualify for a home mortgage loan in today’s housing market?

Key to unlocking mortgage downpayment & credit scores.

To start with, here’s 2 important items that should be addressed:

Mortgage Down Payment

A survey sponsored by Wells Fargo, How America Views Homeownership, revealed that 40% of consumers believe a 20% down payment is always required.  It’s actually NOT true!  Prospective homeowners have many choices.  In fact, there are several loans written with 3% or LESS down.

Many newer loan programs now available require less out-of-pocket cash up front, thus offering renters and first-time home buyers alike the opportunity to enter the housing market sooner than they anticipated.  Great news!

FICO® Scores

62% of survey participants believe they need to have a “very good credit score” to purchase a home, along with 43% assuming a good credit score should be over 780.  In reality, the average FICO® Scores of approved conventional and FHA mortgage loans are much lower.

FICO® Score Distribution

The average FICO® Score for February 2017 FHA mortgages closed was 686 with conventional loans, during the same period, having an average score of 752.  The total average credit score among all loans closed during February = 720!

This chart indicates the distribution of FICO® Scores for all loans approved in February.


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