Need a service professional?

“I Gotta Guy!”

I know that just that headline brings smiles to many of you!  Over the years, whenever someone has pointed out a problem in a home, I almost routinely reply:  “I gotta guy!”  And after nearly three decades of home sales, I truly do have a guy – or woman – for every issue!

When you’re in business as long as I’ve been, you learn very quickly who the people are that you trust, that will treat your clients fairly and that are skilled at what they do.

Ohhh, be sure, there have been a few over the years that have dropped off that list, as they just didn’t do a great job of customer service or didn’t do the job that was expected of them.  But the professionals and service people I recommend now have stood the test of time, and will do an exceptional job for you.

Need a painter/drywall-er?  I gotta guy!

Need window coverings?  I gotta guy!

Need a vet for your house pet?  I gotta woman!

Need a hair stylist?  I gotta woman!

Need a mortgage or to refinance your home?  I gotta guy!

And please don’t think that I only have “guys and women” pros for you just during the time we’re working together.  I have had past clients call me 20 years after we closed on their home!  If you EVER have the need for a service professional, please call or text me!  I can tell you right now, I gotta guy (or woman) who will do an amazing and affordable job for you!


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