Need a service professional?

“I Gotta Guy!”

I know that just that headline brings smiles to many of you!  Over the years, whenever someone has pointed out a problem in a home, I almost routinely reply:  “I gotta guy!”  And after nearly three decades of home sales, I truly do have a guy – or woman – for every issue!

When you’re in business as long as I’ve been, you learn very quickly who the people are that you trust, that will treat your clients fairly and that are skilled at what they do.

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Window Cleaning

Clean Windows, Clear Impression

NOTE:  I’m delighted to bring you this timely article on window and gutter cleaning and power washing—as spring cleaning seems to be on everyone’s mind right now.  This article is from a good friend, Dylan Dresen, the General Manager of Clear Vision Cleaning, LLC, a local family-run company that I have used personally.  They are awesome!  And read to the end to find out about a money-saving deal just for you! Then call or email Dylan at 608-516-1172.

—Randy Lenz, Broker/Owner, NextHome Metro Group

It only takes a matter of seconds for a first impression to be formed. When you arrive at a residence, what’s the first thing you see? The physical appearance of the house, right? First impressions are huge! Whether it’s the house itself or the property the house sits on, first impressions are formed and not easily changed. When it comes to buying, selling, or maintaining a house, appearance is key.

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